Monday, December 21, 2009

Update On Why All Is Quiet

I hope this holiday season finds you all well.
It does not find me well.
In early October I was diagnosed with Cancer.

In September I had injured my shoulder really badly in a freak accident, and I tore the bicep and the superspanatus muscle and damaged the rotator cuff. So I knew I was in trouble with a shoulder injury and looking at immanent surgery.

I spent the last few months in physiotherapy to try to release the shoulder which had become completely frozen. On Dec 2 I had surgery to excise the cancer and it was successful, yet the shoulder problems are remaining long after I am recovered from the surgery.

I loaded my last items in the shop in early Novemeber, and I have been forced into rest, just taking care of the business as it stands. I am only able to type this week for the first time in months.

I have been able to play a few games if they only require mouse action, but a computer problem just before the surgery put all my internet fun pretty much at a hault, with spiratic glimpses at my email through computers in the house I cannot use because their ergonomics don't match my need.

It is a strange way to be haulted completely from stuff.

I have had limited success incorporating my physio exercises into a craft work routine. I am slowly creating a new line of noni felted scarves for the beginning of the release of my new line for 2010. I believe you will see a lot more decorating and fashion items added to the line this year. It will all still be in keeping with the fibre art and geekery/steampunk idea.

The Noni felted line was something I held back because I was trying to find something about wet felting that I could really get a grip on and run with......I found a little niche. I got some really awesome face wool that is raw. I am making really organic scarves and shawls with them. The scarves are for girls or guys.

I will be putting out sneak peak photos to folks who follow me on facebook and those who are fans of my shop on facebook. So if you want to see the line early before it goes for sale in the Etsy shop, then on my facebook friends list you need to be! My facebook and fan page links are in the sidebar of this blog.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Etsy Showcase Schedule

I have started my features in the Etsy Showcase:

You will find my items in the following Esty Showcases:(just click the right arrow on the page header to go to the titles of the sections HERE )

OCTOBER 31, 2009

Geekery Showcase

NOVEMBER 1, 2009

Geekery Showcase
Storque Showcase
Fiber Art Showcase
Jewelry (Pendants) Showcase
Dolls And Miniatures Showcase
Knitting Showcase

NOVEMBER 6, 2009

Geekery Showcase
Storque Showcase
Fiber Art Showcase
Jewelry (Pendants) Showcase
Dolls And Miniatures Showcase
Knitting Showcase

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Newest Items In The Shop

I have been busy finishing up some projects. I posted some new stuff in the shop. I posted some new stuff in the Pagans Of Etsy Shop, and I have more stuff to post soon.

In the mean time: I hope you enjoy these items

Monday, October 5, 2009

WitchAmy Knit Along Is Coming Soon!

I will be Broadcasting and Recording The First Ever WitchAmy Knit Along Waves Of Wonder Lapel Scarf Knit-Along Class!

To see an example of these scarves check this out! Click This

*Please note that due to lack of interest I am postponing the start date of this project knit-along. I will be planning a start date once I have a few more folks who ask for the pattern. I will update this blog reguarding this project. Remember it is free. *

What do you have to do to Join Us?

All those who Join Blog TV and Subscribe to my WitchAmy TV will be eligible to be sent the Pattern.
Go to My WitchAmy Live Site by clicking HERE.

At the top of my page there should be a button that says Join. Press that and create a nickname and password for yourself. Then go back to my front page and below the chat box you will see a button called Subscribe. Press that and subscribe to my feed. (this will enable you to chat with me and ask me questions during my broadcasts.

Next you need to contact me at motivatedmotion[at]gmail[dot]com and tell me what the nick name you chose for your account is so I can cross reference it with my list. Then please request the project Pattern for The Waves Of Wonder Scarf. I will send it to you in an email with a word doc in it (if you cannot use a word doc please let me know and I can send it as html or a rich text doc if you request it) Once I get notification that you have subscribed to my show I will send you the pattern.(Please have your requests in by Sunday October 11, 2009)
**NOTE I won't open any files you send me in email regarding these request emails. I will only look at text.**

What materials do you need?

Yarn: DK or Sport Weight yarn (DK is my recommendation but a sport weight would end up just a bit larger.) You will need:

SMALL SCARF(42in/107cm long)-requires 312 yrds/285m of yarn
MEDIUM SCARF(52in/132cm long)-requires 416yrds/380m of yarn
LARGE SCARF(84in/214cm long)- requires 624yrds/570m of yarn

I recommend a natural fiber, but it is up to you.

Your needles will have to be circular needles with a long least 30inches I recommend something around 40inches.
The size of the needles will depend on the yarn you choose. Use the needle size recommended on the band of the yarn ball. If you need me to show you where to look on the yarn ball for the needle size then pop into one of the broadcasts I have going, and ask me in chat to explain this... in the next week or so and I will show you in the broadcast.

You will also need a yarn needle for sewing in ends.
You will also need scissors
You will also need a tape measure

Plus a note pad of lined paper and a good pen or pencil (a highlighter would be a good idea too)

Make sure you try to catch a few minutes of another broadcast of mine just in case you have issues with needing flash upgraded or need to ugrade your video viewer etc.

A Beginner knitter who has cast on, Knit, and Purled before can do this scarf.
An Intermediate knitter will have no problems with this scarf.

WitchAmy- Broadcast your self LIVE

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Come Join Me In The Studio

Come Join Me In The Studio
WitchAmy- Broadcast your self LIVE

I will be broadcasting live at 11:00AM each day that I can. Sometimes I will be working on crafting, sometimes I will be writing or editing.

There will be chat if you want to take part. You will have to register to chat.
I am giving you a full days' warning to get your ID and PW registration done, then come back Wednesday and see what I am up to.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

How To Use One Of My Mandalas

Here is a video I created showing how one would count the principles of 8 on my Lotus Mandalas.
These Handmade mandalas have 8 petals per side and 8 beads per side. Pluse 8 twin petals in the middle.
A mandala is used to repeat a prayer or mantra over and over again for meditation. Much like a Rosary beads are used to say prayers and blessings.
This video shows how you can manipulate my Mandalas into shapes as you do your meditation. This allows the user not to concentrate on the number of repititions, but on the mantra itself.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blessings Of The Equinox!

What better a fitting thing than to accept the Twitter Manager job for The Pagans Of Etsy Street Team (POEST for short).
Yep, I did it!
I committed as the zero hour turned to 1.

I will be taking over the Twitter duties for the Pagans of Etsy team.

I am very excited!

I will also make this blog part of the Twitter posts. I will post extensions of my Tweets from the Pagans of Etsy Twitter site and my own site on this blog.

Besides updating from my Twitter about my new items I will blog about other Pagans Of Etsy to talk about what they are all about, and the stuff I really really thing is awesome and inspiring!

If you are Pagan and an Etsy seller or buyer I invite you to join us HERE.

If you are interested in chatting with us I will post the Etsy chats for the team here so you can join in.

If you are curious, then have a look at the site and the photos.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Gemstone Rings Wrapped In Silver Plus Circuit Boards


have been


my Geekery ,

SteamPunk and

Silver Wire Wrapped jewelry

into the Etsy shop slowly.

Mostly because

I cannot get the edited photographs out fast enough.

I have been full speed this month

creating things and dismantling watch relics and needle felting tiny little creatures!

I hope you find the selection varied enough.
For certain

these all have a bit of my personality in them.

I wish I could keep all of them,

but I can't.

I purposely

don't make the rings my own size

so I won't be tempted to keep the creations :)
Here are the latest releases into the shop:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

House Elf Sock Keychain

I created these cute miniature House Elf Socks! I knitted them like flap heal socks in miniature on size 0 needles.
I am using proper sock yarn to make them.
I put them on a one inch key ring with a jump to a metal clasp so you can hook it to your purse for security.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Steam Punk Is In My Shop!

I rolled out my first Steam Punk pieces as I promised. I am also featured in Etsy Geekery Showcase a few times this week.
I have many more pieces I have completed and I will post pics as soon as I finish the photo shoot today.
In the mean time please enjoy seeing the new pieces in the shop below!
Click on any thumbnail to see details.
or to see my whole shop go to:

Friday, August 14, 2009

Spiritual and Geeky Jewelry

Have I told you lately that I love my Job!?
I may be disabled but I feel pretty freakin good when I can be inspired to create jewelry like you are about to see!
Steam Punk
Spiritual Pendulums
Wire Wrapped Gems

Wait until you all see what I am holding back! Can you imagine Needle Felting combined with each of these genres? Oh YES it is coming so soon!
I know these items are going to be scooped up so if you want to be the Geek everyone at work will be jealous better purchase soon, or they will be gone.
These OOAK pieces are from one of a kind gems or from reclaimed watch and clock parts. I cannot make exact duplicates...

The newest items I have listed are Spiritual Gems Wire Wrapped Jewelry and some Geekery Jewelry.
Just when you thought you saw it all....circuit board pendants and earrings.
I have also created some Steam Punk jewelry that I will release tomorrow.
Steam Punk is really cool so I suggest you come back tomorrow to see the Steam Punk creations!
For now I hope you enjoy browsing the newest items in the shop here:
(click on the thumbnails to see larger pics and details)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Am Beta Testing For Etsy-Good Excuse for a Sale!

I am part of the second string of beta testers for the Etsy Rearrange feature.
I can rearrange my shop face items from page to page and other testers can see my changes.
The public at large will be able to see the changes in a few weeks.

I had a coincidental situation occur right at the same time I began my test on Tues. It seems that on July 27th half of my items went stale and when I reopened the shop from Vacation Mode on Monday all my items were still in my shop, and so they were on Tues when I began the test.

I guess on Tuesday I did enough action on my shop interface to have the lists catch up to the stale dates through the data stream and in the middle of my first test I lost half my wares.

I was confused for just over 24 hrs cuz nothing was in the Inactive area where it says to look.
Then at the last minute (just after I sent a trouble ticket to Etsy) I see The Expired category in My Etsy, and I checked it. Low and behold the missing wares were expired and the date they expired was July 27th. So the reopening of the shop and the activation of the beta test must have sinked the date and zip they were all gone.
Sigh... I had to get all those items renewed
It gave me an oportunity to see what happens in the beta test when you relist something.

So seeing I am so lame brained and can't find an expired listing if my life depended on it....I have just removed all the shipping from all of the doilies. Free shipping anywhere!
And just to remind you that the doilies are also a great way to get one of the higher priced needled felted pieces at a great reduction in shipping cost if you incorporated the SNEAKY SALE RULES to your multiple item order.... :-)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Timbers Is Almost Done

(sorry for the blank spots in the lower posts. They are where my Etsy Badges usually are, but because I have set Etsy to vacation mode the pics won't show up....see you in 10days
In the mean time if you want to see what is currantly available can see pics of the items in the shop on my web site at

A certain someone will be getting this cute replica of their pet in the mail quite soon.
I am done the basic miniature but I will spend a few more hours defining some details on the face and legs, but she is basically done.

So far she has taken 30hrs of needle felting to get her to this point.

I am toying with what to do with her eyes. I have amber eyes and brown eyes and I keep switching them, as I am trying to resemble that liver on liver the best I can.

I am not so bent up about it though as it seems like a minor concern :)

I hope you like her.
She won't be for sale in the shop, but I will use her pic in the shop to represent a commissioned piece option. She is a miniature Tufted Needle Felted piece that is a replica of a real pet.


I finished Timbers now. I didn't do too much to her, but I did change her eyes a bit and made her neck and main more pronounced which aged her.

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Items Huge Deals!



For my SNEAKY SALE I have made some items FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE!
I know this is very non-conventional, but it is really designed for the smart shopper.

I will stand behind what I say the postal costs are for each individual item. And for the smart shopper depending on how they create their multiple order they may get amazing savings on shipping cost for multiple items and they could get a real awesome bonus by getting an insured post item way cheaper than their individual shipping cost. So please think about what your first item is.....If its shipping cost is zero dollars then your second item will only be the cost it is to ship as a second piece(which could be as low as one dollar, which on the miniature collectibles is a huge savings of up to $14.00 on one item!)
(I will always send the items that are to be insured as an insured item because they are collectibles. I will absorb the postal costs when you order in the SNEAKY way!)
I hope I have not been too cryptic about the deals.
Any questions? Please contact me through Etsy conversations before you order if you are confused.

I just added several of my new 2009 scarf collection designs to my Hand Knit section. Have a look at these amazing colours and textures! All the scarfs are FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE ITEMS!
click on the thumbnails to see details.

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Friend Is Having a Contest and Giving Away Pink!

Please pop on over to my friend's blog RedOwlDesigns and read about her contest.
The give away ends June 24th so you need to get your entry in fast! Scroll down a few posts on her page and look for the big pink OWL.

What are you crafting this weekend?
I am crafting scarves. Knitting this weekend because we are going to help my Son move so my knitting will be done in the car.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Miniature Needle Felted Wedding Cake

I am heading to a bridal shower today for my second cousin.
I thought I would build her a needle felted wedding cake.
This is my first miniature Wedding Cake but it won't be my last. I intend to make Miniature Wedding Cakes one of my feature commissioned work options to customers.
Here are the photos of my first miniature wedding cake. It is made of shetland white roving, and a selection of tussah silk roving for all the colourful bits.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Contest Entries

This is the list of Contest Entries I received via Twitter, or Facebook or email or Comments
To qualify each person entering could enter as many times as they wished- but they had to choose only one method of communication and they needed to have separated and unique entries from their past ones.

@meanbeanbags Pirate
Mishelle Lecourt 4 leaf clover
Mishelle Lecourt lipstick
Amber Olson Butterfly
Amber Olson Cat/Cat Head
Mishelle Lecourt Martini Glass
Mishelle Lecourt Initials KL
Mishelle Lecourt Initials ML
@triedit cell phone
@triedit cause ribbons
@triedit twitter mascot
@triedit moon with a fairy on it

At 6:00PM (est) all the entries were transferred to paper strips, were folded individually and placed into a bowl. At 6:30PM My husband Carl drew one name.

The Winner is! :

Mishelle Lecourt Initials ML

Thanks for participating! Thanks for your idea submissions!

Friday, June 5, 2009

What Is New In The Shop!

I have added some FREE SHIPPING ITEMS to the shop today! I will have FREE SHIPPING on all cell phone charms. They are also free shipping to add to any other item! This is a great deal if you want to have a needle felted miniature without the collectible price. I will ship anywhere in the world!

I also added a Gem and Needle Felted Sun Catcher to the collection of miniature fibre art. The Hummingbird is feeding on a hand-carved amethyst hibiscus flower. Great stuff if you like needle felting and crystals!
Click On Any Of the Pictures To See The Listing

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Am Having A Contest

In honor of my new cell phone I am having and idea contest.

I have tons of cell phone charm findings so I can make lots of cell phone charms.

I need ideas for cell phone charms.

If you submit an idea for a cell phone charm to me your name (or twitter handle) will be put in a draw.

All submissions must be sent to me by Noon (eastern standard time in Canada) on Saturday June 6th, 2009.

I will do the draw at 6:00PM on Saturday June 6th, 2009. I will contact you via the method you sent me the idea before midnight on Saturday June 6th, 2009.

I will then announce on this blog who won.

The winner will get a custom designed cell phone charm, needle felted by me. You will get to request your custom design when I contact you as the winner.

Anyone in the world is eligible to win.

Ways to Enter: You Must Choose One Method of Entering Only- I will be cross-referencing entries....

Please submit your idea for the cell phone charm. You can submit as many ideas as you like, but they all have to be different ideas than your others. You will get one draw for each idea. Your ideas must be PG13 rated :)

From Facebook you must send me a private note to my Facebook: Lynn Lundy Tucker
From Twitter you must send me a private note or an @WitchAmy note on Twitter
From this blog post. You can send me a note in comments(that is not anonymous) with Your Name and email address in the comment along with your idea for the cell phone charm

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What's New In My Etsy Shop

Buy Handmade

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Commissioned Piece Finished

I hope I don't give away a surprise! I hope I don't.
When a pet dies it is devistating. We get so attached to our pets they become a member of the family.
I received a very emotional letter from a person inquiring about rabbits on my site.
After a brief interchange of emails I realized the person was looking for a present to help overcome a loss of a pet.
I suggested a commissioned miniature replica of the pet.

On my Etsy page I have examples of commissioned pieces that I have done, which act as commission order for your own commissioned miniature. I suggest your pets or your favourite teddy bear. My Son (the Rock Star) who is so Heavy Metal and wears black-commissioned a miniature of his favourite teddy bear so he can have it in his pocket when he travels (see Pinky on Etsy)

As I wrote earlier this week. I used my new technique of Tufting to add petable fur to the rabbit.

So today I introduce to you the finished piece after his Garden Photo Shoot! This little rabbit is so special to me he got to perch on my very special Amethyst with the Maple Leaf (Canada) flaw.
Finished May 20, 2009
You can click on the photo to make it bigger