Friday, April 24, 2009


Today is officially Etsy Day!

Today is officially Etsy Day!
I am excited about this.
The day I switched to be an official Etsy Seller, and left as an official (other web selling service) seller was an excellent day for me.

I went to Etsy on the suggestion of a friend who was a seller. She said,"You should really look at Etsy." So I did, and never looked back!

Why is Etsy so good for the crafter? The answer is simple. You are networking with like-minded people who want you to succeed. Everyone in Etsy is following their passion and dream--> To be able to share their hand-made products, or to be a collector of hand-made products and gifts.

The Etsy family has Teams, Groups, Discussion Boards, Tutorials, Advertising, and Features of every subject or craft product available on Etsy. You can make friends with other crafters and you can support them as they support you in your endeavour.

I Twitter Etsy. Most of the folks in my Twitter network are Etsy sellers. So if you like to browse Esty shops and get ideas for your own crafting or if you want to find unique crafts to buy it is a great idea to Tweet with us. Etsy Tweeters are World Wide. So you can see and network with folks near and far to you.
On Twitter you can find me as Witchamy

To see more of us who are networking on our Etsy you can look at our shops and then find the area that says "Who {hearts} this shop" and look at the list of our shop watchers.

If you like crafts join Etsy as a member so you are ready to be a buyer or a seller. The get your imagination ready!....and Go!

The post below this one has my most recent Etsy items for sale. Click any of the item pics to head to my shop or go HERE to my shop.
To become a member of Etsy start HERE.

What's For Sale In My Shop?

Here are a few of the items for sale in my shop this week. To purchase click on the pic. To see the whole shop goto:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nerd/Craft Combo in New York-NYC Resistor

In Brooklyn NY there is a cool Hacker space called NYC Resistor, this group combines the like-minded Nerdiness of Geeks and Crafters. I think this is awesome!

If I could make an armchair analysis of why this is completely because of the psychological profile that makes a Hacker a Hacker and a Crafter a Crafter. It is the same profile.

Those that are really good at Hacking (programming, developing, reverse analyzing, and engineering) have the same mindset as a person who would be good at carving or faceting or or knitting. These are very patient people who need to be a combo of kinetic and digital/analytical learners.(as are drummers, and photographers and artists alike). So it is no surprise that a lot of folks who love gaming and programming and hacking, also have craft hobbies and are into music, and some are in bands...

I was like that. I was a race car driver, I was in bands, and from the time I was old enough to hold something in my hand I have crafted. I love video games and I am way into music in a big way.

Before computers, folks who were great crafters were also great at intellectual pursuits that required lots of observation analysis of data- like anthropology or archeology. The development of computers in the digital age brought a new interest for this intellectual crew.

NYC Resistor has tapped into the base of the productive makeup of this community group with the perfect balance of Nerdiness.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Inside The Studio This Weekend

This two week period is filled to the brim with workshops and lessons and prep for the next manuals. I am also taking some time in the studio to do some re-organizing.

It takes so much time to re-org a room.
I started over a week ago, but didn't get very far because I was committed to tons of stuff to do elsewhere.

I have workshops planned, and my weekends are full.

This weekend was supposed to be the first Rose workshop class but I ended up unwell on Saturday, so I have had to postpone it until May 2nd.

I opened my third compartmentalized container for my roving. I have tried to organize like colours but not like fibre.
Now I am trying to figure out how to store the large cases. I toyed with the idea of attaching them to the wall of the closet, but that idea was scrapped quickly when I realized there was not enough room on the wall for 3 cases!

My weekend craft projects are Ruffled Cravat and the Ishbel Shawl/Scarf.

I had an awesome idea for marketing the Needle-Felted Rose kits. I put the roving and needles into a dollar store bud vase for each student so they had a bud vase to display their finished rose.

This rose turned out even nicer than the first ones I did. I like that about needle-felting. If you try to repeat the object it will improve with each one made.

Friday, April 10, 2009

See What Me And My Peeps Are Up To This Weekend

What is your Weekend craft project?
(Click any of the photos to see them bigger)

These are my "Girls" from Ewephoria
Everyone is wearing a handknit sweater or vest.
The Entrelac Vests and the Mitred Square Sweater are current projects!
The Entrelac vests and the Mitred Square Sweater are done with Noro Yarns

Now the Vests are done the girls are working on a Knit Along Lace Shall/Scarf Project

This is the pattern we are using

We had the Bunny Class
This is what it is like when I do Needle-Felting workshops.
Tables full of fluff beverages and lots of giggles

On Thursday I had a draw at the TWEETUP for Mocha the Bunny
Sandra Won!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TWEETUP and Spring Workshops!


I am doing workshops this Spring!

I am also having a TWEETUP at Ewephoria Yarn Shop.
Curious about Needle-Felting or Knitting classes with me? The TWEETUP is a great way to see one of the knitting shops you can find me at, and to see some Needle-Felting Demos. Plus there will be a draw for a Needle Felted Rabbit!

TWEETUP at EWEphoria Yarn Shop.DONE
This Thursday April 9th, 2009 1-4PM
13085 Yonge Street, unit 17 (Oak Ridges MarketPlace)
Richmond Hill, ON L4E 3S8
I will be having my first ever TWEETUP! If you print off your TWEETUP invitation, or this blog post or RSS feed, or the facebook event page, and bring it with your to Ewephoria you will have your name put in a draw for a Needle-Felted Rabbit. Draw will be at 4:00PM.
Join me for Coffee/Tea and Chocolate!

(Every Thurs Evening for 6wks)
Thursday April 9, 2009 6:30-8PM

13085 Yonge Street, unit 17 (Oak Ridges MarketPlace)
Richmond Hill, ON L4E 3S8

Are you a beginner or intermediate knitter who needs help with project work, or you want to try a new project but you are looking for some one-on-one help to help progress?
Then this is for you.
You pick your own project yarn and pattern from Ewephoria Yarn Shop.
Come in on Thursdays and Lynn Tucker will help you progress with your project.

You need to pre-register one day ahead.
(This class will become perpetual in the future so you will be able to buy 6 wk blocks as you need.)
call Ewephoria at: 905-773-9300


Needle-Felted Rose Class

(This two day class requires homework)

Class #1 will now be on May 2nd 1-4, and class #2 May 9th 1-4

13085 Yonge Street, unit 17 (Oak Ridges MarketPlace)
Richmond Hill, ON L4E 3S8

This two day class instructs you on how create rose petals, a long-stem, and leaf.
Learn how to make a sturdy piece with NO wire or fillers.
You must pre-register by April 17th:
call Ewephoria at: 905-773-9300

Another Needle-Felted Rose Full-Day Workshop!

Friday May 8, 2009 10AM-4PM
Unwind Yarn House
234 Main Street
Newmarket, ON
L3Y 3Z1


This One Day Workshop will take you through the steps to make a single long-stem rose.
You will learn how to make a stem that is sturdy and firm with no wire or filler.
$95.00 for class and materials- You must pre-register by May 7th.

Ruffled Cravat Scarf Class
(easy-intermediate skill)
(this two day class requires homework)
Saturday May 16, and Saturday, May 30 1-4PM

13085 Yonge Street, unit 17 (Oak Ridges MarketPlace)
Richmond Hill, ON L4E 3S8

This two day class helps you create this fantastic scarf with ruffled ends and smooth sides!

It is DK weight yarn and you can choose any DK yarn in the shop to do the scarf in.
You need to buy the DKyarn at Ewephoria.

You must pre-register by May 15th:
call Ewephoria at: 905-773-9300


If you are in York Region, Ontario and you are interested in sending your kid (10-17yrs old) to craft camp to either do: "Knit Animals" or "Needle-Felt Your Way To Halloween" this summer, I am toying with the idea of doing a couple of 4 day camps. They would be from 10:30-2:30 Tues- Fri, or 11:30-3:30 Tues- Fri during selected weeks in the summer. There will be a limit to 4 kids per class and the age limit is definitely 10 minimum. You will have to provide a packed lunch.
COST WILL BE $160.00(for the 4dy camp) plus materials
(if Mom's want to participate as a Mom and kid duo then Mom will get their own fee as $80.00 plus materials)

These camps are in the idea stage now, and could be at Ewephoria yarn shop in Richmond Hill or at Unwind Yarn House in Newmarket.

I will only do them if there is an interest. So if you are interested leave me a comment or contact me at my email:

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fleecy Fibre And Bustin' Out Bunny Classes This Weekend

I got some awesome face wool from Gemini Fibres. The top one is dark and the bottom one is called badger face...

I got my kits ready early for this weekend's workshops. The kits contain Roving, felting needles, a sponge and beads to make two bunnies, plus I have a manual for each kit. All bunny designs created and designed by me.

I will be at Ewephoria in Richmond Hill (Oak Ridges), on Yonge St. The workshop is 11-5 Saturday.
I will be at Unwind Yarn House in Newmarket, on Main St. The workshop is 10-4 on Sunday.
Come by and visit...

These are the bunnies we are making.....

Come on Down To the Shops and you might just get "Felt-UP" (get your mind out of the gutter!)