Friday, July 17, 2009

Timbers Is Almost Done

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A certain someone will be getting this cute replica of their pet in the mail quite soon.
I am done the basic miniature but I will spend a few more hours defining some details on the face and legs, but she is basically done.

So far she has taken 30hrs of needle felting to get her to this point.

I am toying with what to do with her eyes. I have amber eyes and brown eyes and I keep switching them, as I am trying to resemble that liver on liver the best I can.

I am not so bent up about it though as it seems like a minor concern :)

I hope you like her.
She won't be for sale in the shop, but I will use her pic in the shop to represent a commissioned piece option. She is a miniature Tufted Needle Felted piece that is a replica of a real pet.


I finished Timbers now. I didn't do too much to her, but I did change her eyes a bit and made her neck and main more pronounced which aged her.

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Nemesis_Productions said...

Totally off topic (cute doggy btw!), but you're my winner! :D