Monday, December 21, 2009

Update On Why All Is Quiet

I hope this holiday season finds you all well.
It does not find me well.
In early October I was diagnosed with Cancer.

In September I had injured my shoulder really badly in a freak accident, and I tore the bicep and the superspanatus muscle and damaged the rotator cuff. So I knew I was in trouble with a shoulder injury and looking at immanent surgery.

I spent the last few months in physiotherapy to try to release the shoulder which had become completely frozen. On Dec 2 I had surgery to excise the cancer and it was successful, yet the shoulder problems are remaining long after I am recovered from the surgery.

I loaded my last items in the shop in early Novemeber, and I have been forced into rest, just taking care of the business as it stands. I am only able to type this week for the first time in months.

I have been able to play a few games if they only require mouse action, but a computer problem just before the surgery put all my internet fun pretty much at a hault, with spiratic glimpses at my email through computers in the house I cannot use because their ergonomics don't match my need.

It is a strange way to be haulted completely from stuff.

I have had limited success incorporating my physio exercises into a craft work routine. I am slowly creating a new line of noni felted scarves for the beginning of the release of my new line for 2010. I believe you will see a lot more decorating and fashion items added to the line this year. It will all still be in keeping with the fibre art and geekery/steampunk idea.

The Noni felted line was something I held back because I was trying to find something about wet felting that I could really get a grip on and run with......I found a little niche. I got some really awesome face wool that is raw. I am making really organic scarves and shawls with them. The scarves are for girls or guys.

I will be putting out sneak peak photos to folks who follow me on facebook and those who are fans of my shop on facebook. So if you want to see the line early before it goes for sale in the Etsy shop, then on my facebook friends list you need to be! My facebook and fan page links are in the sidebar of this blog.

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