Friday, August 28, 2009

Gemstone Rings Wrapped In Silver Plus Circuit Boards


have been


my Geekery ,

SteamPunk and

Silver Wire Wrapped jewelry

into the Etsy shop slowly.

Mostly because

I cannot get the edited photographs out fast enough.

I have been full speed this month

creating things and dismantling watch relics and needle felting tiny little creatures!

I hope you find the selection varied enough.
For certain

these all have a bit of my personality in them.

I wish I could keep all of them,

but I can't.

I purposely

don't make the rings my own size

so I won't be tempted to keep the creations :)
Here are the latest releases into the shop:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

House Elf Sock Keychain

I created these cute miniature House Elf Socks! I knitted them like flap heal socks in miniature on size 0 needles.
I am using proper sock yarn to make them.
I put them on a one inch key ring with a jump to a metal clasp so you can hook it to your purse for security.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Steam Punk Is In My Shop!

I rolled out my first Steam Punk pieces as I promised. I am also featured in Etsy Geekery Showcase a few times this week.
I have many more pieces I have completed and I will post pics as soon as I finish the photo shoot today.
In the mean time please enjoy seeing the new pieces in the shop below!
Click on any thumbnail to see details.
or to see my whole shop go to:

Friday, August 14, 2009

Spiritual and Geeky Jewelry

Have I told you lately that I love my Job!?
I may be disabled but I feel pretty freakin good when I can be inspired to create jewelry like you are about to see!
Steam Punk
Spiritual Pendulums
Wire Wrapped Gems

Wait until you all see what I am holding back! Can you imagine Needle Felting combined with each of these genres? Oh YES it is coming so soon!
I know these items are going to be scooped up so if you want to be the Geek everyone at work will be jealous better purchase soon, or they will be gone.
These OOAK pieces are from one of a kind gems or from reclaimed watch and clock parts. I cannot make exact duplicates...

The newest items I have listed are Spiritual Gems Wire Wrapped Jewelry and some Geekery Jewelry.
Just when you thought you saw it all....circuit board pendants and earrings.
I have also created some Steam Punk jewelry that I will release tomorrow.
Steam Punk is really cool so I suggest you come back tomorrow to see the Steam Punk creations!
For now I hope you enjoy browsing the newest items in the shop here:
(click on the thumbnails to see larger pics and details)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Am Beta Testing For Etsy-Good Excuse for a Sale!

I am part of the second string of beta testers for the Etsy Rearrange feature.
I can rearrange my shop face items from page to page and other testers can see my changes.
The public at large will be able to see the changes in a few weeks.

I had a coincidental situation occur right at the same time I began my test on Tues. It seems that on July 27th half of my items went stale and when I reopened the shop from Vacation Mode on Monday all my items were still in my shop, and so they were on Tues when I began the test.

I guess on Tuesday I did enough action on my shop interface to have the lists catch up to the stale dates through the data stream and in the middle of my first test I lost half my wares.

I was confused for just over 24 hrs cuz nothing was in the Inactive area where it says to look.
Then at the last minute (just after I sent a trouble ticket to Etsy) I see The Expired category in My Etsy, and I checked it. Low and behold the missing wares were expired and the date they expired was July 27th. So the reopening of the shop and the activation of the beta test must have sinked the date and zip they were all gone.
Sigh... I had to get all those items renewed
It gave me an oportunity to see what happens in the beta test when you relist something.

So seeing I am so lame brained and can't find an expired listing if my life depended on it....I have just removed all the shipping from all of the doilies. Free shipping anywhere!
And just to remind you that the doilies are also a great way to get one of the higher priced needled felted pieces at a great reduction in shipping cost if you incorporated the SNEAKY SALE RULES to your multiple item order.... :-)