Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Come Join Me In The Studio

Come Join Me In The Studio
WitchAmy- Broadcast your self LIVE

I will be broadcasting live at 11:00AM each day that I can. Sometimes I will be working on crafting, sometimes I will be writing or editing.

There will be chat if you want to take part. You will have to register to chat.
I am giving you a full days' warning to get your ID and PW registration done, then come back Wednesday and see what I am up to.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

How To Use One Of My Mandalas

Here is a video I created showing how one would count the principles of 8 on my Lotus Mandalas.
These Handmade mandalas have 8 petals per side and 8 beads per side. Pluse 8 twin petals in the middle.
A mandala is used to repeat a prayer or mantra over and over again for meditation. Much like a Rosary beads are used to say prayers and blessings.
This video shows how you can manipulate my Mandalas into shapes as you do your meditation. This allows the user not to concentrate on the number of repititions, but on the mantra itself.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blessings Of The Equinox!

What better a fitting thing than to accept the Twitter Manager job for The Pagans Of Etsy Street Team (POEST for short).
Yep, I did it!
I committed as the zero hour turned to 1.

I will be taking over the Twitter duties for the Pagans of Etsy team.

I am very excited!

I will also make this blog part of the Twitter posts. I will post extensions of my Tweets from the Pagans of Etsy Twitter site and my own site on this blog.

Besides updating from my Twitter about my new items I will blog about other Pagans Of Etsy to talk about what they are all about, and the stuff I really really thing is awesome and inspiring!

If you are Pagan and an Etsy seller or buyer I invite you to join us HERE.

If you are interested in chatting with us I will post the Etsy chats for the team here so you can join in.

If you are curious, then have a look at the site and the photos.