Saturday, September 13, 2008

What Has Grown From My Imagination This Month....
Needle Felted OOAK At Their Finest!

I have been busy trying to co-ordinate a few pieces to be dedicated to my friend's charity.
I have decided that I will be putting two pieces up on Etsy solely to raise funds for Nicole Dente's efforts to help animals who need aid and rescue in York Region.

So next week Peepers the Owl and Harper the Harp Seal will be sold on Etsy with all of the profits going to Nicole's Charitable Efforts. I am personally holding a stake in helping Nicole get her Non Profit Status so she can then get corporations to help her efforts.
She has a great number of folks world wide who buy her products knowing the money goes to get vet care for abused animals, to find them homes or foster homes while they recover.
Please consider buying Peepers and Harper when they go up on the Motivated Motion Gallery.
I will only take $7.00 max to cover the materials, as the eyes are the big cost. I am donating my art and time to this and the rest of the money of the purchase will go straight to help Nicole get recognition for her work creating Unchain Ontario Dogs and York Region Animal Rescue League. Please look Nicole up on my friends list on My Facebook and make her your friend, and join her groups. Find my Facebook link in my Margin.

Come to Motivated Motion Gallery in the middle of next week and see these pieces up for sale and auction!

What is coming next? A sneak peek into what the students will be making at my workshops this fall, and my newest works- THE UNDEAD SERIES (a collection of zombies), and NINJA vs PIRATE (you figure it out)

Also for the super geeks... the future holds an homage to the greatest web passes in internet history....Do you like "Star Wars Kid", "Numa Numa"? Well...I got something in the works........!

If you are a collector and have a specific miniature you collect that I have yet to make you can send a request in comments and I will make one.

Please don't forget I also do commissioned work of folks pets and favorite teddy bears too.

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