Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Newest Miniatures I Am Finishing Up!

I am happy to announce that Peepers and CordeRoy are sold, so that means I have to get crackin' on the next items to put up in the gallery......

I just finished this tiny baby lop-eared bunny. I haven't named her yet. I decided I better make more HER creatures as I have had too many HIM ones. So this one is a SHE. Her name will be announced when she is launched on the Motivated Motion Gallery Site. She should be up on the site in around 24 hrs.

I am putting the final touches on "Weird Al-paca Yankovick". Which is my crazy curly haired Alpaca with a cute face. I still have to decide which eyes I am using on this one. I am trying to choose between the realistic taxidermy eyes, or my glass bead eyes.....
I am also working on my first cat. This one is a seal point siamese cat. He is an anitomical model which is spoken for already. I will post him on the gallery, but he will be marked sold when he is finished.

Isn't Weird Al-paca's face just sooo cute!!

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