Friday, August 22, 2008

This is the Gallery Blog for Motivated Motion

Lynn Tucker opened the Motivated Motion Gallery in 2007.
She had invented a knitting tool called Swirl-locks and Swirl-tips and she was looking for a place she could post a tutorial on them and also market them.
Her little cottage industry began.

She is a knitter and enjoys all sorts of fibre art, so she began to put a few of her knitted works into the Gallery as well. Then she noticed the needle-felting miniatures were selling very well in ebusinesses, so she thought she would try to market her miniatures..........
In 2008 she reloaded the site with all her works and is now selling her finished works, commissioned pieces and her charity fundraising pieces through Ebay and Etsy through her site.

This blog is the place to come to find the newest projects or events, and to get an idea of how her life is changed by this new phase of her life.

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