Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter Sabbatical

As some folks know, I recently had to have another surgery.
It was unexpected, and it has caught me at a time of my life where I really need my body to work for me, and I am finding that my body is not so happy at the moment.
So I have made a decision to take a winter Sabbatical.
I will still be creating, but with no deadlines or markers. I am finding trying to get my stock photos processed and ready for the Etsy Shop is very difficult for me right now.

I also have some writing commitments for 2011, and a presentation committment, and I just cant keep up with the networking and crafting, plus write at this time.

I thought long and hard about this, and I feel the best thing to do is to concentrate on the writing at the moment.

I won't be unreachable. This blog will continue, and The Motivated Motion Gallery Facebook Page will continue. I may even get into the studio from time-to-time, and you might see me live and streaming some days. But most of my time will be busy researching a presentation paper, and finishing a manual, and working on a fiction piece. Three things that I have been working on part-time, and now need my full-time attention.

If you need a commissioned piece, or would like to buy a piece of mine you have seen, please contact me and I will open the Etsy shop for the transaction, then close it again.

I can't quite say how long the shop will be closed, but I am hoping that I will get my written work done faster if I don't spread myself too thin....

Thanks for hanging around. Please stick around. I will be back.


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