Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shop Is Still Closed

Life in the Motivated Motion Studio is still quiet at the moment.
It has taken me longer than I expected to recover from the two surgeries I had this winter, and I am still plagued with my frozen shoulder.

Right now it is still a bit boring here as the studio room has not been lit up in quite some time.

I have lots of ideas ready to burst out of me, but my body has not bounced back enough to get to work.

Please be patient, and when I return you will see some very quick changes to the web site and the blog once I get going. The next few weeks I will be working in the background with the web developers to create a new look for the blog and the Gallery!

There will also be a nice sale in the Etsy shop of all the items displayed once I open it again.
I will be reducing all of the old Needle Felting pieces by 25% of their original price and the Steampunk and Geekery Jewelry will be 10% off, plus the stuff that was free shipping will remain free shipping so you need to remember to be a sneaky shopper so you can save on your shipping costs too! If you cannot remember the rules to being a sneaky shopper in The Motivated Motion Gallery then go HERE.

I will post a countdown to the reopening of the shop soon.

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