Friday, April 24, 2009


Today is officially Etsy Day!

Today is officially Etsy Day!
I am excited about this.
The day I switched to be an official Etsy Seller, and left as an official (other web selling service) seller was an excellent day for me.

I went to Etsy on the suggestion of a friend who was a seller. She said,"You should really look at Etsy." So I did, and never looked back!

Why is Etsy so good for the crafter? The answer is simple. You are networking with like-minded people who want you to succeed. Everyone in Etsy is following their passion and dream--> To be able to share their hand-made products, or to be a collector of hand-made products and gifts.

The Etsy family has Teams, Groups, Discussion Boards, Tutorials, Advertising, and Features of every subject or craft product available on Etsy. You can make friends with other crafters and you can support them as they support you in your endeavour.

I Twitter Etsy. Most of the folks in my Twitter network are Etsy sellers. So if you like to browse Esty shops and get ideas for your own crafting or if you want to find unique crafts to buy it is a great idea to Tweet with us. Etsy Tweeters are World Wide. So you can see and network with folks near and far to you.
On Twitter you can find me as Witchamy

To see more of us who are networking on our Etsy you can look at our shops and then find the area that says "Who {hearts} this shop" and look at the list of our shop watchers.

If you like crafts join Etsy as a member so you are ready to be a buyer or a seller. The get your imagination ready!....and Go!

The post below this one has my most recent Etsy items for sale. Click any of the item pics to head to my shop or go HERE to my shop.
To become a member of Etsy start HERE.

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