Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sam Is Going To A New Home!

Tonight is the Jeremy Hotz show in Kitchener.
We have front row tickets!

Jeremy always does a "meet-in-greet" for the fans after the show.
I have some photos from the last show I have matted for him to sign, and I am going to give him a miniature of his Dog Sam.

Don't tell him! LOL

It took me 30 hours to complete Sam. I had a couple of small photos that showed me his shape and colours. It was interesting making a long-haired dog. I have to basically affix every long hair on its own then when all the hairs are in place I have to groom him! I didn't know grooming was so difficult! I now appreciate the work my friend Pauline does....

I can just imagine the weirdness of it all......Jeremy Hotz's Canadian fan gives him a miniature of his dog made of.......matted hair wool! I am sure I have just given him a new line for his show LOL

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